Wednesday, July 11, 2012

june-ish and july-ish

 The past week has been calm and not as sweaty. I'm in the midst of my last two weeks finishing up at the shop I've been working at for the past three months. My bosses are away on vacation so I have the store 'to myself' for the whole week which has been nice and feels like a slow, pleasant goodbye. Learning the ins and outs of running a small store has been very interesting and building relationships with customers, seeing people come in anxious & hungry for something to make them feel pretty and then leaving feeling satisfied and better has to be the top reason why I want to be in this industry. Sometimes it's the tiniest things, such as a new dress or blouse, that can make a day feel a bit better. Not to mention, all of the adorable babies that come in each day with their moms. I just love that. But this tiny chapter is closing.

Luckily the shop is closed on Mondays so I was able to go to my niece Maya's 9th birthday celebration at the American Girl Place in Manhattan which, I'm not going to lie, fulfilled my inner little girl's dream. That place is the cutest. When I was little, I carried around my dolls as if they were my children. My first was Molly McIntire, who I chose solely because she had glasses. Then came Bitty Baby and then the doll that looked just like me. I would lug all three around as if they were my screaming kids. Arranging playmates with my friends and their dolls, which obviously always ended in some sort of fight but that's the way the world works y'all. Bringing them to restaurants, giving them their own plates & tearing off pieces of my own food to give to them. Keep in mind, their mouths didn't even fully open. There was no digestion, sense of taste. They were plastic. I knew this. Didn't matter.

When Molly's head fell off, it was a dark time. I sent her away to the American Girl Doll hospital, with tears in my eyes like an old war wife sending her son off to war (a lil drama for ya) only to have her come back home to me not only with a new head, shiny new hair, an ID bracelet, hospital gown & a get well balloon. Guys, it was the first time I cried tears of joy. I'm pretty sure that I carried those broads around everywhere til I was way too old.

So, lets' just say having a little lunch and spending time with my favorite little girls at this haven for all things GIRL was a great way to spend a Monday in the city. So glad I am close enough to my family now that I don't have to miss too many 'moments', especially moments that thrill my inner American Girl Mom that is still silently going strong in this almost 24 year old body. 

Happy 9th Birthday Maya. I love you

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