Thursday, May 17, 2012


It has taken me 23 years to realize that I am in fact an outdoorsy person. I always felt weird because I hate the beach. I don't find it relaxing, I'm not a t-shirt & flip flops, no makeup kind of girl. I get bored easily sitting around in a pile of sand, with the wind blowing, dirty feet and ultimately feeling like a big ol' junkshow. So I just assumed "Oh hey. I hate the outdoors!". Turns out, I don't. Give me parks, gardens, backyards/patios, outdoor strolls that last hours, porches, etc. and I'm a happy girl. Once I moved to Savannah, I started appreciating being outside and the beauty of wandering, marveling in the different aspects of nature in the South that were so foreign to me. In my first apartment, my roommate Jordan and I took any opportunity to spend hours on the porch whether it was just the two of listening to music, drinking wine and listening to music or inviting friends over. Even after I moved out, I tried to be outside as much as possible unless it was 900 degrees out which it often was down south.

That 'porch' way of life really stuck in me and that's one of the things my life in Brooklyn is missing. However, Brooklyn is still such a happy medium of the urban experience and a little village feel. Being so close to Prospect Park is one of the biggest perks of living here because the second you step foot there, it feels as if you're anywhere but a city. The areas surrounding the park are as dreamy as they come and the whole place is just magical and inspiring. I could wake up in the most awful mood and the second I start movin' and breathe in fresh air, everything feels better. Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to go pick up beetles or stroll around barefoot, proclaiming "I'm a hippie". (Ps: anyone who announces that they are a certain label is trying too hard) I just like what I like and i'm pretty sure loving being outdoors isn't obscure unless you're one of those people on TLC with asses that are literally attached to their couches or women who get manicures every three days & wear juicy couture track suits.

I'm the type of person that is motivated by observing and seeing others doing better than me or obtaining and exposing myself to things, places, ways of life that I would like to one day have. This area is a good place for me because wandering around, I feel so overcome with motivation. My brain is a big mess of thoughts lately, wondering all of those cliche thoughts of "What is my purpose on Earth?", "What am I going to do with my career?", "Where am I going to go in life?" and "Will I make money, new friends, find love, etc.?". I know that every phase in life is filled with different variations of those questions and to think that we ever find a true answer to all of those is silly. Once you figure one thing out, another question comes. Regardless of that whole deal, it's nice to wander with tons of unknown questions on the brain in a place that makes me want to be better. I pass by the beautiful brownstones, on-the-go cool young people or cute families strolling around, pretty store fronts and markets and think "Alright, this is what I want for a long time".

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